Happy New Year – Overthinking; Letting it go

“Omg what if I was wrong for saying what I was feeling”….”What if we really are this or that”…..”I shouldnt have said that” …..”Maybe I’m just looking to deep into this”

Being quiet, I spend a lot of time sipping coffee in my brain…day dreaming, thinking of what tomorrow is going to bring, thinking of what life will look like once I “get my little life together” Sometimes my conversations with others turn into over thought thoughts.  I dissect the meanings of why and how they came to whatever conclusion the conversation had drawn.

Its dangerous when communicating with others or trying to build relationships because I always end up feeling mentally drained from conversation medical sugrey. Drawing conclusions on other perspectives not truely listening to the essence of whats being said. This was a natural thing that I’ve always done, however I’ve noticed it’s gonna worse since last January. A month I will never forget. I will dive into it in next weeks post.

Its interesting how the new year within the first week has brought my first lesson. STOP OVERTHINKING AND DIGGING DEEPLY. Keep it light…..

Im working on it

-Sahmia Ase

Happy New Year gang

I cant wait to share more of these lesson and my solutions with you all There are tons of great things brewing….

Stay tuned


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