Black S o u l s Matter |


Black   S o u l s  Matter

They said if he just complied, he wouldn’t have died/
But They never mentioned the fact that the police lied/
He never reached for his weapon; tackled and shot within seconds/
If you see nothing wrong, then let me ask you a question/
If we are free in this country to question authority/
Then may I ask what law I’m breaking before you blow a few holes in me?/
Even if I am armed, I’m not resisting arrest/
So please realize that I am a man that you just sentenced to death…./

You know, an actual, human male adult… With a proclivity to protect my own life and self interests. With a God given right to question any man that trespasses upon my God given rights,
be he uniformed or not.
Apologies, I find it hard to simply be compliant in the face of a tyrant.
Every minute spent blackened in a blood soaked, bleached white world has trained me to fight for my every breath.
To steal blessings out of the devil’s house.
One flash of lights, one flash of a badge and I’m to bow face down to the laws of a stolen land?
Right… You want me to be compliant, complicit in my own indoctrination and subservience.
Yet are you worthy of the authority you so desperately desire over me?
If I have sinned, I expect reprimand. If not, then get the true blue f*&k outta my face. Because I am the spirit of God, just as are you. I am not your opposite, I’m merely your reflection.
Don’t you see?
My black life gave you life.
Now, burn with your gold and silver,
drown in your perfumes and wines.
Peace will not come quietly this lifetime. I will tear it from your stomach as you seek to eat my culture.

Hear the bell… It’s time that you learn.

Noble or slave, armed or hands up, male or female, young or old, compliant or bold, black lives matter.

From ashes and dust
and bones and souls.

Witness me rise.

– Matthew Parham


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