D E E P T H O U G H T S | never fade

Brace your self


A new relationship to a side of life I am unfamiliar with….. the other side of the triple blackness that resides in the depths of my mind. The place rarely seen behind beautiful eyes. The side most would call their closet monsters, where they store the ugliness of a past they’re ashamed of. I placed my vulnerability in that closet only to be seen by those I let take a peak into the many layers of my soul.

Open because of the love and kindness the most high placed in my heart, blinded by the evilness that lies behind a smile. like a thief in the night, he violated this loving house, mistook my light for an invitation into my slice of paradise, entering without permission, 1st instincts kick in questioning every mans intention. I suppose I know what mother nature feels like being temporarily stripped of her beauty. A sacred fruit I thought was protected, Guarding her has become my life’s mission. Protecting her essence even in the presence of God’s most perfect gentlemen. A secret initiation into womanhood…a silence so loud it screams the voices of burdens and regret.



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