In an imperfect world a solid human connection is so rare. Finding a familiar spirit is hard when life moves a million miles a minute. He found me, tucked away in a cacoon I thought was home.

His spirit and ambition challenged me to begin breaking free of what seemed like comfort. I reminded him to rest his wings and reflect on all that has been accomplished reassuring him  the simplicity of life brings balance to life’s busy moments. Its ok to land the wind would whisper in our time together.

His restless mind made me wonder if maybe we found each other in midst of all of the madness of the world. Time stopped as if we’ve lived a few crazy life times together and just reincarnated into this one. Eyes so familiar, touch so chilling… I know your scent i would think embraced in what felt like a soul bearing hug.

Time traveling to a time when time had no real existence & everything was infinite, we were free to just be in whatever reality we chose to be. it reminds me of a scent of a new morning. The time we spent dipping in and out of past and future. I seen you and me before we turned into WE. Creativity has been our foundation, thoughts levitating to this life times manifestations from the love we’ve been making. We’ve built an empire see our growth?

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I see you King… See me too


Your Queentumblr_npo4kfnPBN1u0kb7lo1_1280


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