The woman & Her lens



Sahmia (suh-my-uh) Ethiopian origin– For she is of the Sky.

Ase’(Ashay) Yoruba origin– the Divine essential nature of All things.


I never would have chosen a name so complicated for myself, growing up I corrected people constantly. However as I’ve grown I’ve discovered my name is essentially the first slice of my complex personality, like a catapillars journey to becoming a butterfly. It tells a little bit of my inspiration without having to dive to deep into my why for picking up the lens.

I picked up a camera to capture moments in time. The concept of making time stop has always fascinated me. It really adds meaning to the saying “live every moment” or “be present”. Having shared that, My goal is to share real life raw format moments captured in my light box.



Sahmia Ase’


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